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EndNote X9

This guide will help you to download EndNote, create an EndNote Library for your references, show you how to export references to EndNote and how to insert references from EndNote into a document.

CWYW Problem 1

CWYW Problem 1:

Curly bracket around in-text reference and #no in the in-text reference



{Author, year #no.}
  • The above in-text reference example is enclosed by curly braces, have the first author's surname, the year, and the #no. which refers to that record number in the EndNote Library.
  • This is known as unformatted references (citations) that are temporary references or placeholders.



CWYW problem solving

CWYW Problem 2

CWYW Problem 2:

Some Reference Styles do not show pages even after adding it to the in-text reference (citation)



I would like to know how do I insert a page number using the Harvard Reference Style. I went to Edit and Manage Citation in the EndNote toolbar in Word and put in the page number and it said ok, but it doesn’t show?



Remove the page numbers under Pages and type it in the Suffix field.

EndNote CWYW problem

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