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InCites is a citation-based evaluation tool for academic and government administrators to analyze institutional productivity and benchmark output against peers and aspirational peers nationally, and internationally.


Funding Agencies:

  • Which agencies has funded work in a specific research area?


  • Which are most impactful citation topics for a specific organization?
  • Which organizations collaborate more frequently with yours and have the most impact?
  • Which organizations are the worlds top performers in a research area?

Publication Sources:

  • Which are the top journals in a specific research area?
  • What is a journal publishing - publishing output with citation topics?


  • Which countries are collaborating with your organization in a specific research area?
  • What are the top producing locations in a specific research area?

Research Areas:

  • What are the top producing research areas at a specific organization?


  • Who are the most Cited Researcher in a research area at a specific organization?
  • Who are the most impactful researchers at your organization?


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