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InCites is a citation-based evaluation tool for academic and government administrators to analyze institutional productivity and benchmark output against peers and aspirational peers nationally, and internationally.

Analyze Regions

Location analysis allows you to view and compare indicators by analyzing the InCItes dataset at the Country/Region, Country Group, States/Provinces and NUTS classification level. View the geographical distribution of authors in a publication, top producing regions in a given research area or simply identify research trends in countries of interest. This entity allows you to answer some key questions such as

  • Do researchers in my organization collaborate internationally?
  • Compare research trends by country

The Collaborations reports helps you see your organization's most frequent collaborators and assess the quality of the research that's produced. The report consists of the following tiles, and provides a comprehensive look at both where and in which subjects the research is performed.

  • Collaborating Countries/Regions.  Collaborating Countries/regions. Drill through includes collaborating countries/regions ranked by collaborations (co-authored documents) per year.
  • Collaborating Countries/Territories: Web of Science Documents. Collaborating countries/region ranked by co-authored documents.
  • Collaborating Countries by Subject Area: Web of Science Documents. Collaborating countries/region grouped by Subject Area and ranked by co-authored documents.

Collaborating Reports

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