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Figshare is a repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner.

What is Figshare

It is a repository for researchers to store, organise, publish and showcase their research data and non-traditional research outputs like datasets, code, video, audio and disciplinary specific files.


The repository platform is for use by Researchers, M&D students, Honours students, and Faculty – to upload their research datasets. No undergraduate data.

Figshare can also be used to upload documentation used in collaborative research projects, and shared privately.

Features of Figshare

Some of the features of Figshare include the following:

  • Cloud-based software, accessible from on-campus or off-campus, by using your  Nelson Mandela University single sign-on login
  • Easy Upload for researchers: Simple drop and drag of files into the browser. There is no restriction on file type. Complete a simple metadata form and click Publish.
  • Get a DOI: All published research is given a persistent identifier (DOI), thereby making all published research citable. DOIs are versioned so if files are updated you can always reference the latest copy and look back through previous versions.
  • Publish open or share privately: Research can be published openly to comply with funder, government or institutional policies. Research can also be shared privately between collaborators with a private link to documents.
  • Flexible licence options: Research can be published under a variety of licences including the Creative Commons suit of CC-BY, CC0, CC-BY-SA and so on.
  • Altmetric scores: Altmetric donut is on every item. Users can click through to see the underlying data and each mention.
  • Citation counts are available, no additional subscription needed.
  • Enhanced indexing: All published research is indexed in common search engines like Google or Google Scholar and national metadata registries.
  • Projects: Share files and notes with a group of collaborators either inside or outside your institution using Projects tab (visible on My Data page). Choose to keep the project private and to share publicly to encourage more collaborators.

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