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ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identification) is an open, not-for-profit organisation aiming to supply a persistent and unique identifier - an ORCID iD - to any individual involved in research, scholarship, and innovation activities.

Add your works to your ORCID Record

There are three ways to add works to your ORCID record:

  1. Add works by direct import from other systems to import links to your publications and other works from other databases. ORCID recommends this process because it reduces or eliminates errors, and enables a reliable connection between your ORCID iD and your works

  2. Add works using an identifier

  3. Add works manually

Help topics at Welcome To ORCID:
How to edit your name
How to add employment
How to reset your password

Add individual journal articles manually

Please note: The ORCID interface groups together publications which have the same idenitfier (e.g. PMID, DOI) and the identifier relationship of "Self" into one listing. This prevents a publication from being listed multiple times if you added it from multiple sources, such as importing a publication from ResearcherID and adding it manually. Works can have two relationships with identifiers: Self, where the identifier refers to the work itself (e.g. the DOI of an article) and is always grouped. And Part of, where the identifier refers to the greater whole of which the work is part (e.g. the ISBN of a book, the ISSN of a journal) and is never grouped.

To avoid your individual journal articles being grouped as one work, select Part of when you enter your articles manually. If you already added your articles and it is now grouped under one ISSN, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of the publication.
  2. Check the Part of checkbox (instead of Self) in the Relationship field.
  3. Click on Save. The publication should now be listed separately.
  4. Repeat these steps for the other publications.


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